We value the opportunity to contribute to the social, educational and charitable institutions which serve our cherished community.
Many of the agencies and projects we support throughout the year have a direct impact on the lives of our neighbors.



Our List has many referrals from our employees and includes:


 Beth Israel offers religious services, supports life cycle needs and learning opportunities of the local and visiting jewish members of our community.  


• Casa Cuna Progresso Orphanage and Children’s House Imeldahoff provide vital care and shelter to disadvantaged infants and children.   


 Club Kibrahacha, Ambiente Feliz, Fundashon Hospice Atardi, and Stichting Thuiszorg provide important support and services to the elderly.


 Collegio Arubano and the EPI provide public educational opportunities for high school students.   We also support many elementary schools and the Stichting Leerorkest Aruba. 


 Fundacion AutismoCas Marie, FaviOrganisashon Parkinson, Fundacion Mary-Joan, Fundacion Bob, and Koningin Wilhelmina Fonds provide assistance to individuals who suffer from Autism, Altzheimer’s, Blindness, Parkinson’s, breast and other cancer.  


 Fundacion Pa Nos Muchanan and Fundacion Respeta Mi provide vital social services to protect children in need.


• Rotary Club of ArubaWomen’s Club of Aruba and the Red Cross provide humanitarian support and social services to individuals and families in need, especially in cases of emergency


 Misa Santa Anna maintains the historic church in Noord, offers religious services, supports life cycle needs and runs a school for catholic members of our community. 


 The Little Groovers are a beautiful troop of children who light up many smiles along the Carnival parade route every year.  


• The YMCA of Aruba administers programs for older youths and adults to undertake charitable initiatives that strengthen our communities.  




Please join us in supporting these fine organizations.